Starter kits at Country Brewer stores all come with a first batch of beer of your choice. Each brew kit will make you the equivalent of 60 stubbies or 30 long necks. This works out at about $10 per carton. They are a complete package for the beginner including all instructions, recipes, handy hints and heaps of general information on making your own beer at home.
Two of the most important things with homebrewing are to keep all your gear clean and sanitised and to brew your beers at the correct temperature. These are important because if you don’t keep your gear clean and brew at the correct temperatures you will make beers with all kinds of off flavours.
With our current economic climate (fuel prices and mortgages) it is a great time to get in to homebrewing.
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With little effort you can make beers at home similar to any beer from around the world. Your kit will come with recipe suggestions for you to start off with.
Your friendly Country Brewer store owner is always there to give you expert advice and help you out with any problems you might come across when you are making your beers at home.
You can also make your own wines at home. This can be done with your own fruits or we have a range of kits available to brew at home. The process is very similar to making beer and gives excellent results in the bottle. Wine can be made at home for about $3 per bottle.
Lastly you can also make your own spirits and liqueurs at home as well. Make your favourite Bourbon, Whisky, Rum and many others. There are a huge range of essences available to make your spirits and liqueurs at a very low cost to you. These work out at about $9 per bottle.
Call at your Country Brewer store for all you brewing needs and information. You can even sample some of our products while in the store.
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